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The intention of our bursaries is to provide funding that will assist in covering costs of tuition and/or costs directly related to the post-secondary programs.

The Howard Legacy Youth Fund was established with a donation from Peggy Howard in 2012 and is made available to applicants who are current or former youth in government (foster) care.

AFABC Youth Bursary was established in 2014, with funding from the Adoptive Families Association of BC, and accepts applications from youth who have joined their family by legal adoption.


2020 applications are now open! Please download the application forms here:

The Howard Legacy Youth Fund 2020 application

AFABC Youth Bursary 2020 application

Deadline extended! Please submit by May 31. 
Please submit the completed application package by 11:59 pm PST, on May 31, 2020. 

Please note:
Due to Canada Post delays related to COVID-19 we are encouraging applicants to apply via EMAIL (scholarships@bcadoption.com) if possible. Please reach out if you have any concerns or questions regarding emailing your application. 


  • All approved applications, (completed, meeting all eligibility requirements and submitted on time) will be forwarded for an initial screening process. The strongest applicants will be presented to the selection committee.
  • Bursary applicants can apply for either (or both) AFABC bursary fund, but may only be chosen for one award per year.
  • Previous AFABC bursary award recipients are permitted to re-apply in a new bursary year.
  • All AFABC program clients are permitted to apply for either AFABC bursary.
  • Current AFABC staff, board members, committee members, contractors and their respective children are not eligible to apply for either AFABC bursary.
  • Former AFABC staff, board members, committee members, contractors and their respective children are eligible to apply for either AFABC bursary, 12 months after their organizational role has concluded.

Here's What Our Past Winners Say...

“All I can say is that this bursary is extremely helpful and is great for students who need that extra bit of financial help!”

- 2017 Howard Legacy Youth Fund Winner

“It helped me be able to go to school full time so I will be able to achieve my dream career!”

- 2017 Howard Legacy Youth Fund Winner

“This bursary helped me get my foot in the door of the world of ECE”

- 2018 AFABC Youth Bursary Winner


Eligibility Requirements

Please see individual application forms for details of eligibility requirements for the bursary of your choice.

Have questions? Check out our frequently asked questions page


If you have any questions or need assistance, please email scholarships@bcadoption.com.