Ministry of Children and Family Development



The Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) facilitates the adoption of BC children and youth living in foster care to local families.

This is called the Adopt BC Kids program.

When a child enters foster care, the goal is to reunite them with birth family. In most cases, reunification is successful. When the courts determine that reunification is not possible or in the child's best interest, they are registered to be adopted. 

Waiting children may have special placement needs due to their background or prenatal history. More than 50% of children and youth in BC foster care are part of a sibling group that must be adopted together. Half are also Aboriginal, which requires special cultural planning. Factors may also include a family history of abuse, neglect, or prenatal exposure to drugs or alcohol. 

Each year, MCFD placed approximately 300 children and youth with adoptive families. Matches are made based on the best fit for the child, so some families will be matched quickly, and others may wait for a placement after approval.

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