PASS program FAQs



Below are the questions we get asked regularly about the PASS program. If your question isn't answered below, please contact Taryn Danford at or 604-320-7330 ext 114. 

What is the program?
PASS is a parent-coaching model that identifies the parent-child relationships as the central, most significant dimension in the family's life and the parent as the therapeutic agent for change in the child's life. Parents are trained in therapeutic play, a non-directive style of interacting with toys as tools for communication.

What age group is this for?
The program has two streams available for children aged 2-12 and teens aged 12-18.

Who is eligible?
PASS is for adoptive parents requiring support and education in managing their own history of attachment and grief and loss as well as those of their child(ren). Ideally, work starts with family just prior to placement to ensure a healthy transition and a strong start for the parent-child relationship.

When are the sessions?
Available anytime.

How long are the sessions?
Prior to placement, parents will meet with their family support counsellor. Following placement, their support counsellor will visit the home typically once per week for about an hour. The service will be provided for about 12 weeks.

How much does it cost?
PASS rates are offered at $75/hour plus travel. Families may purchase services themselves or the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) may purchase services on behalf of a family. Post-placement services may also be eligible for funding through Post Adoption Assistance.

Where is it?
PASS in an in-home program currently available in the Lower Mainland / Fraser, Vancouver Island, Kootenays, and to other communities via Skype. 

Why do I need it?
Families involved in PASS have consistently reported improved attachment, communication, and parenting confidence as well as decreased parent-child relationship stress.

How do I participate? Contact your social worker, or Taryn Danford at or 604-320-7330 ext 114. 

Who do I contact for more information? Your social worker, or Taryn Danford at or 604-320-7330 ext 114.