Respite Care



In 2022, AFABC will launch a pilot respite care project in South Vancouver Island. We will be recruiting both respite families and respite care contractors to offer this service.

More details, including application forms, will be added to this page in the coming months.


What is respite care?

Respite care is defined as planned care provided to a child or youth in or out of their permanent home for the purpose of providing relief to families from the daily responsibilities of caring for this person.

Respite care is a known protective factor in strengthening permanency families and preventing adoption disruption. For many families, respite care is a necessary extension of self-care during challenging seasons of their family journey.

Respite care allows providers to experience the joys and challenges of caring for children and youth who have been adopted as they wait to welcome their own child or sibling set. This builds both skill and community between families at different stages of the adoption and permanency journey.

Who can apply to receive respite care?

• Families who have adopted or received guardianship through MCFD’s Adopt BC Kids program may apply for respite care.
• Children and youth should be between the ages of 3 – 18 years.
• The program may be funded through PAA (Post Adoption Assistance) or families may self-pay.

Who can apply to provide respite care?

• Contractors should be approved, waiting adoptive parents
• Contractors must have completed the Adoption Education Program and have a SAFE homestudy to qualify.
• Experienced adoptive and foster parents can also apply.

How do I apply?

Check back for more details and application forms. Or contact for more information or to express your interest in the program.