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For many of BC's waiting children, a forever family no longer has to be a dream thanks to our Wendy's Wonderful Kids team. A signature program of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption Canada, the Wendy's program focuses on finding potential families within a child's immediate network before moving on to consider families outside the child's circle. This program, in partnership with the Ministry of Children and Family Development’s Vancouver Coastal and Fraser regions, is designed to move children more quickly out of foster care and into adoptive families.

How does the program work?

Close attention is paid to a child’s individual history, experience, and needs, and calls for an intensive and exhaustive child-focused recruitment plan. This plan includes specific approaches to referring a child, building a relationship, looking at a child’s needs, preparing a child for adoption, networking, and recruiting and searching for potential parents.

Who are the children?

The Wendy’s Wonderful Kids program works to place foster care children of all ages—from babies to teens. Children may have other siblings, have had previous recruitment efforts, have had unsuccessful foster and adoptive placements, be in varying stages of adoption preparedness, have special physical, emotional, developmental, and/or educational needs. As long as the children are in the foster care system, are legally free for adoption, and do not have current identified adoptive families, they qualify. This means almost any of the children waiting in BC’s Vancouver Coastal and Fraser regions have a great chance of finding a permanent family through the program.

Learn More

Approved adoptive parents are invited to contact one of our Wendy's workers at 604-320-7330.

To learn more about the Wendy’s Wonderful Kids program and the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, visit www.WendysWonderfulKids.org

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