Adoption and Permanency Awareness Month



November is Adoption and Permanency Awareness Month!

Join us in raising awareness about children and youth in BC who are waiting for permanency and celebrate permanent families of all kinds.

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What is Adoption and Permanency Awareness Month?

Adoption and Permanency Awareness Month takes place every November in BC to draw attention to the children and teens who are waiting for permanent homes through adoption, guardianship, kinship placement, or another form of permanency.

Successful adoption and permanency matches are based on the best fit for the child. That means that some families will be matched quickly, while others will wait longer. The greatest need is for prospective parents who are:  

  • Indigenous;
  • open to adopting siblings;
  • open to adopting a teenager; and/or
  • open to adopting children with special needs (such as early abuse or neglect, behavioural challenges, learning disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder, or Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder).
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Why Adoption and Permanency Awareness Month?

BC has celebrated Adoption Awareness Month in November for many years. In 2022, British Columbia officially declared Adoption and Permanency Awareness Month.

The name change reflects the fact that there are many ways to create permanency for children and youth, and that permanency families of all kinds deserve recognition, support, and celebration.

AFABC is here to support permanency families of all kinds, just like we've supported adoptive families for the past 45 years. 

What is permanency?

Permanency means family, belonging, and lifelong connection. There are many ways to create permanency including adoption, guardianship, kinship care, and Indigenous customary care. Permanency has four dimensions: legal, physical, cultural, and relational permanency.

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The theme for this year's APAM will center around trauma-informed parenting. So, if you are raising children who have expereinced trauma, be sure to check out these two events: Trauma-Informed Parenting: Navigating Transitions and Trauma-Informed Parenting Support Session

Get involved

Children and youth in BC are waiting for permanency. You can make a difference.

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