Adoption Awareness Month

November is Adoption Awareness Month and you can help us celebrate adoptive families and create awareness for adoption in Canada!

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Light up for adoption! 

This November several Vancouver and Victoria landmarks will "go green" for adoption! They will help us illuminate the message that adoptive families make great families, and over 1,000 kids in government care in BC are still waiting for one. Thank you to the following:

  1. Canada Place will light its sails on the evening of Thursday, November 9th  in honour of World Adoption Day
  2. The Royal BC Museum in Victoria wil also have a green shine on November 9th
  3. Vancouver City Hall will go green on Thursday, November 9th
  4. The Olympic Cauldron in Jack Poole Plaza will be glowing green on Thursday, November 9th
  5. Fort St. John City Hall will be shining a (green) light on adoption awareness on November 9th
  6. Mr. P.G. in Prince George will be lit up green up from World Adoption Day until the end of Adoption Awareness Month!
  7. BC Place will be lit up in green on November 10th

More events

Take part in one of many other events across BC that celebrate adoptive families! Have some fun at a family event, learn about the adoption process, and more!

November 5th - 16th Annual Burnaby Family Fun Day
November 9th & 10th - Light Up for Adoption in Vancouver, Victoria, Prince George, and Fort St. John
November 10th - Prince George Adoption Awareness Month & AFABC 40th Anniversary Celebration

November 16th - Sunshine Coast Adoption Awareness Month Event
November 17th -
Chilliwack Adoption Awareness Month Pizza Night
November 18th - Gymnastics Fun in Port Alberni for Adoption Awareness 
November 19th -
Okanagan Adoption Awareness Month Celebration
November 19th - Fort St. John Adoption Awareness Month & AFABC 40th Anniversary Celebration
November 20th - Dawson Creek Adoption Awareness Month Proclamation (during council meeting)
November 27th - Fort St. John Adoption Awareness Month Proclamation (during council meeting)

Learn more

Throughout Adoption Awareness Month, we're offering all of our on-demand webinars for free! Join us and other adoption experts as we discuss topics related to adoption and fostering such as attachment, success at school, openness, infertility, special needs, and more. Our Adoption & Permanency Learning webinars offer guidance, tips, and resources to help you and your family navigate the many stages of adoption and beyond. Click here to find our free webinars!

Chip in

Help us help kids! We need your help to provide necessary adoption support and education to families and kids in your community. Donate online now!

Share it

Spreading the word about adoption is easier than you think! Help us raise awareness about adoption, adoptive families, and waiting children and youth by reaching out to your community.

  • #FamilyEverybodyNeedsOne. Facebook it, tweet it, instagram it, vine it, pin it - use your social media networks to spread the love! Don't forget to follow us on your favourite social media platform for more ideas.
  • Email it. Put a short message about Adoption Awareness Month in your email signature. Subscribe to our e-newsletter for the latest news about the adoption community that you can pass along to family and friends.
  • Screen it. Borrow a great adoption-related video from our library or buy one of our documentaries that you can screen for your family or friends.
  • Print it. Share our Celebrate Adoption! poster. Click on the link to download the poster, then share it on social media (upload it like you would a photograph). You can also print it out and display it in your community. Help us spread the facts about adoption in BC!
  • Share it. Organize a presentation on adoption or your own story at your work/school/mall/community centre.Ask your workplace/school/church/club/union/rec centre if you can place a short article or small ad about adoption and waiting children in its newsletter or on a bulletin board. We can provide you with an ad or article. Or better yet, use your own personal story—nothing promotes adoption like real family experience!
  • Write it. Send a letter to the editor of a local newspaper or the producer of a radio program/TV talk show and encourage them to cover a story on adoption. Or, thank them for an adoption story they’ve already done.

Get involved

  • Volunteer with AFABC! Share your time with us by helping out with workshops or family events, help other parents by providing peer support or running a support group, lend your skills to our youth group, or just provide general volunteering time! Learn more about volunteering.
  • Becoming an AFABC member is a show of support for the work that we do every day promoting and supporting adoption. Our diverse community of adoptive parents, adoptees, birth families, adoption professionals, and community partners help us make a difference for children and youth. Learn more about membership.
  • Donate to AFABC and help us continue to provide programs and services in your community for families and kids! Your donation also helps us create new programs. Donate online now!

Family events

Celebrate adoptive families by attending one of the many events happening in BC!

Help Us Help Kids

Donate today and help us help the over 1,000 kids in BC waiting for a family.