Adopting Teens and Tweens



Adopting Teens and Tweens is a five week online course that provides an in-depth exploration of the parental joys, challenges, and typical behaviours connected to teen and tween adoptions. You'll learn about trauma, teen development, identity, self-regulation, transitioning, attachment, difficult behaviours, and more! 

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Course description

Note: A completed Adoption Education Program (like the AEP-Online) is a prerequisite of this course.

The Adopting Teens and Tweens online course will enable prospective adoptive parents to make realistic, well-informed decisions about their capacity and readiness to parent teen or tween by adoption by providing education about core issues in adoption, as required by the Adoption Regulations.

This course is designed to build on learning obtained during the Adoption Education Program Online (AEP-Online) and as such, participants are expected to have completed the AEP-Online or a face-face AEP in their community as a pre-requisite of this course. 

This five week course has four modules, with a new module opening up each week. Each module will be open for two weeks, opening on the Thursday and closing two weeks later on the Wednesday. This should allow participants plenty of time to complete the coursework and assignments. Coursework demands approximately five hours a week of your time. The course also includes two live online discussions.

Lessons are delivered through an engaging mix of video, audio, writing, and group discussion. Participants will benefit from working with experienced facilitators as well as a strong support team.

Important information

This course includes two mandatory live online discussions. The one hour live discussions are typically held during weekday evenings. If this will be a problem for you, please contact the course coordinator.

To register for this course you must:

  • Have a complete AEP (like the AEP-Online)
  • Complete a separate registration per person
  • Have a separate email address from your partner's

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