Adoption agencies



BC's licensed agencies facilitate international, local infant, and direct placement adoptions. They offer a wide range of adoption services and experiences. The one you choose will become your partner as you move towards and through your adoption, helping you to navigate the legal, government, educational, and social components of the process.

You'll want to research and choose the agency that is the right fit for your family and your adoption goals. Agencies are licensed and regulated by BC's Director of Adoption and operate in accordance with BC's Adoption Act (1996) and adoption agency regulations.

The Adoption Centre of BC
620 Leon Avenue, Kelowna BC, V1Y 9T2
Phone: Toll-free 1-800-935-4237 or 250-763-8002 
Fax: 250-763-6282 

Sunrise Family Services Society
#102 - 171 West Esplanade, North Vancouver, BC, V7M 3J9
Phone: Toll-free 1-888-984-2488 or 604-984-2488
Fax: 604-984-2498

What to expect when you're adopting

At first glance, adoption can seem overwhelming. We've broken down the steps for each type of adoption.

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