AEP Online Foundations - Registration

This is an online course, if you would prefer to attend a face-to-face AEP, please contact your social worker. Not all regions offer face-to-face AEP.

We welcome ministry clients as well as agency clients.


Please note: If you live in a region that does not yet use the Adopt BC Kids portal, please enter your social worker's information in the Adopt BC Kids contact field.

To register, you must:

  • For MCFD clients, know the email contact for the Adopt BC Kids service hub or your social worker
  • Complete a registration
  • Register in your region
  • If you are adopting through the Ministry and plan to access block funding, you must have the approval of your social worker to proceed

If you have a partner:

  • Complete a separate registration for your partner
  • Have a separate email address from your partner's

Please select any cohort for the month you wish to attend:

Registration For September is now FULL and CLOSED. 

Registration For October is now FULL and CLOSED.

Registration For November is now FULL and CLOSED.

Registration For January is now FULL and CLOSED.

February 14th, 2019 BC General - OPEN

March 21st, 2019 BC General - OPEN


Please note that taking an AEP-Online does not necessarily ensure preferential treatment in the ministry assessment and placement process.

Important Information

The AEP Online works with most operating systems and browsers, but for a full list of the software requirements, click here.

For our terms and conditions, including cancellation policy, click here

For a summary course outline, click  AEP Online Foundations Course Outline

Follow this link to the AEP-Online course:

Upon completion of the AEP Online Foundations, you are required to upload your certificate and/or transcript to your Adopt BC Kids service hub



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