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Family heading to school wearing masksWe know that families are facing so much uncertainty and anxiety because of the pandemic—and back to school is only adding to it! This time of year is always stressful and COVID-19 adds an extra layer of planning that families need to account for. We've compiled these handy resources, from AFABC and around the web, that we hope will help ease you into the back to school season. 

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Resources from AFABC

School and adoption: Navigating the education system

While our newest resource guide doesn't have COVID-specific resources, it is jam-packed with helpful tips, articles, and resources for heading back into the classroom.

On-demand webinars

AFABC online on-demand webinars have been made free since the start of COVID and are available to anyone who wants to access them. Our school-related webinars include:

COVID-response Facebook live sessions

AFABC has held a series of Facebook live sessions in response to COVID, to provide additional resources to parents during the pandemic. Sessions that will be helpful during this year’s back-to-school uncertainty include:

  • Upcoming on Wednesday, Sept. 9th! Parenting FASD FB Live Posterkids with FASD: In this upcoming Facebook live, Family Support Worker Angie McMullen and Kinsight FASD caseworker Andrea Carlson sit down to talk about parenting kids with FASD, tips for heading back to school (both in the classroom and at home), and more! Keep an eye on our social media platforms for more details to come!
  • "Not so perfect” parenting: Clinical counsellor Carrie de Jong on how to adjust your parenting style to help you and your child cope during the COVID pandemic.
  • How to homeschool: Advice from a pro: Adoptive mother and long time homeschooler Jamie Giesbrecht shares her experience and provides tips for homeschooling success.
  • Creating resiliency in vulnerable children: Social worker Ashleigh Martinflatt discusses strategies on creating resilience among our vulnerable children during COVID-19.
  • Parenting kids with ADHD/ASD during a pandemic: Social worker Holly Dalgleish talks about the challenges of parenting kids with ADHD/ASD during the pandemic and how to provide the support they need.
  • Discussing working from home with kids during a pandemic: Family Support Workers Brandi and Lucy talk about how they've managed working from home in the pandemic. 

Adoption Education Program online

Our AEP online programs provide flexibility to parents as they navigate the uncertainty of the upcoming return to school. 

COVID-19 infographics 

Join one of our Facebook groups to connect with other members of the adoption and permanency community!

*NEW* Adoption Basics: New to Adoption
For those who are considering adoption, as well as new applicants who haven't yet completed their Adoption Education Program (AEP).
Adoptive Parents of Indigenous Children
For adoptive and permanency parents of Indigenous children.
Adoptive Parents of Teens
For adoptive and permanency parents of teens and tweens.
All Ages Adoptive Parents
For adoptive and permanency parents in BC (Canada) who are parenting children of any age.
Families Raising Family in BC
For family members raising family. All family types are welcome, including those formed through kinship care, foster care, guardianship, custom adoption, and/or adoption.
FASD Parent Support
For adoptive parents of children with FASD. 
LGBTQ - Adoptive Parents Support Network
For adoptive and permanency families with LGBTQ2S+ family members (parents and/or children).
Single Adoptive Parent Support
Single adoptive parents and prospective parents based in BC (Canada) are invited to share their support, advice, and words of wisdom.
Transracial and Intercountry Adoptive Parents
For transracial and/or international adoptive parents.
Waiting Parents Group
For prospective adoptive parents in BC (Canada) who have completed the Adoption Education Program (AEP).

We put together a series of infographics to help during these difficult times. Click the links below to check them out!

Supports from AFABC

Our Family Support Workers are here for you during the challenges of back to school (and anytime you need them!). Reach out to the Family Support Worker in your region if you need to talk.

We also have virtual support sessions every Tuesday and Thursday, with two evening sessions a month. Join us for a special managing back to school support session on Thursday, September 3 at 3:00 pm. Hope to see you there!

Resources from around the web

Here are some resources created by other organizations that you may find helpful. Please note that these resources will take you off the AFABC website.

From CHEO, Ontario Children's Hospital, this tips sheet has helpful ideas on deciding whether to send your child back to school or not, establishing routines, and more!

Staying healthy at Boulder Journey School

This social story is a great resource to help younger kids get ready for what the classroom might look like!

I am going back to school

This social story is from the Down Syndrome Resource Foundation and is another helpful resource on getting kids ready for back to school time. 

Giving people space

A great social story about the importance of social distancing and giving people space. 

How can we talk to kids about COVID-19? Be “realistically reassuring.”

Although not specifically about back to school, this article offers help with talking to your kids about COVID-19. 

Helping your child wear a mask with play and sensory strategies

Having trouble getting your kids to wear a mask? This article by an occupational therapist, who works with kids with autism and sensory processing disorder, may help!

Some autistic people can’t tolerate face masks. Here’s how we’re managing with our son.

One mother shares her perspective about helping a child with autism wear a mask.

Helping kids wear a mask if they have autism or sensory processing disorder

Another parent-written article about masks for kids with autism or sensory processing disorder.