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You can make a difference in the lives of waiting children and adoptive families - it's easier than you think. Your donations allow us to provide support, education, and resources to prospective and current adoptive parents, and to youth in and from care.

Monthly contributions allow us to provide ongoing support to children and adoptive families. Long-term commitments from our donors also allow us to plan and develop multiple program areas as needs within the adoption community develop.

Every contribution to AFABC – no matter how big or small – makes a difference to the lives of BC's children and adoptive families. 

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In 2017 you helped us:

  • Answer 1383 requests for adoption support.
  • Provide adoption education and training to over 1,000 adoptive parents and social workers.
  • Finalize 15 adoptions through our Wendy's Wonderful Kids program. We also made 41 family matches and 21 adoption placements for children and youth through this program.
  • Present to 77 social workers and 25 community agencies about permanency and changing the mindset of youth being too old to be adopted through our Speak-Out Youth group.

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