Lunchtime Yoga with AFABC Family Services!


Join us for 15-20 minutes of self care during your busy week. Beginner-friendly and all skill levels welcome. No registration required.

Join us on Tuesdays at lunchtime for a short yoga video from  

We know you are busy and things are tough with COVID lasting longer than we had thought it would. A short video with some gentle stretches might be exactly what you need!

No special equipment, special outfits, or previous yoga experience required. If you have hard floors, a mat or towel would be useful, but please be mindful of towels or blankets making your floors slippery.

You can bring your kiddos on board if you want, and you can show your video or not - we're flexible!

If you have injuries or health conditions you are concerned about, please speak to your physician to see if a gentle beginner yoga is suitable for you. And if anything is uncomfortable or painful during yoga, please stop and rest.

No registration required. Drop in using this TEAMS link which will be the same link each week: 

Hope to see you!

AFABC Family Services Team

July 27th, 2021 12:00 PM through 12:30 PM
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