Waiting Parents Online Discussion Group


This is an online discussion group for waiting parents to get together and explore a variety of adoption- and permanency-related topics.

If you want to connect with a group that understands your journey, join our Waiting Parents Online Discussion Group!

In this series of group discussions, we’ll explore various topics related to adoption and permanency with the company of guest speakers. As a community, attendees will shape the discussions by suggesting topics they want to learn about. This is a unique opportunity for waiting parents to connect, reflect, learn, and create a community of support.

Join us the third Wednesday of every month from 5 - 6 pm (PST). The discussion dates for 2023 are October 18, November 15, and December 20.

Have questions, ideas, or suggestions? Email Family Support Specialist Christina Kunz at ckunz@bcadoption.com.

December 20th, 2023 from  5:00 PM to  6:00 PM