On-Demand Webinar: Beyond the attitude: Teens and Tweens adoption


This webinar offers an overview of the adoption process, the unique attributes of teens & tweens, and descriptions of some of BC’s youth in care.

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Beyond the Attitude: Teens and Tweens adoption. Are you interested in adopting a teen or a tween?

This On-demand Webinar describes the adoption process, the attributes of teens and tweens, the myths and truths, the qualities you should have as a parent, through testimonies of teenagers and parents and descriptions of some of BC youth in care.

Presenter: Anne Melcombe is an Adoption social worker and trainer. She's the adoptive mom of three adult children.
Webinar Format: 50 minute on-demand webinar.

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Contact: Education Coordinator education@bcadoption.com 604-320-7330 ext 107, or toll free in BC at 1-866-900-7330 ext 107.

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January 17th, 2017 9:39 AM
Phone: 604-320-7330 ext. 107
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Audience: Adoptive Parents
Location: Vancouver Coastal Region
Format Webinar
Topic/Area of Interest Parenting, Youth