On-Demand Webinar - Support & Strategies for Substance-Exposed Children Webinar Series


AFABC and Jan Radford invite you to a two-part webinar series, "Support & Strategies for Substance-Exposed Children." This is an on-demand webinar that can be viewed online at your convenience after you register and purchase.

Part One

Participants will gain valuable knowledge about the impact of various substances on the developing fetus. 

Part Two
The second part provides real world ideas for supporting children impacted by prenatal exposure.

Webinar Format: Two 1 hour pre-recorded webinars

Presenter: Jan Radford is an RN with extensive experience in this area, an adoptive mom to four children and a foster parent for over 10 years. 

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This is an on-demand webinar that you will be able to access immediately. Dates in the event information below are not applicable.

Contact: Registration Coordinator, registration@bcadoption.com, 604-320-7330 ext 107, or toll free in BC at 1-866-900-7330 ext 107.

Please ignore the date below, this is a On-Demand webinar that can be viewed at anytime. 
July 17th, 2019 12:08 PM