On-Demand Webinar - Openness in Adoption Webinar


Are you new to adoption and the topic of openness? This introductory webinar will help you understand the terms and definitions of openness in adoption.


This is an on-demand webinar that can be viewed online at your convenience after you register and purchase.

What is openness? What is the history of openness? What does openness look like in an adoptive family? What is an openness agreement? Does openness change with time? What is the Post Adoption Registry? This webinar will answer your questions on openess in adoption.

Presenter: Beverley Viveiros, Adoption Social Worker: Beverly has over 12 years of experience with MCFD mostly in Northwestern BC. The majority of her professional life has been serving children and youth as a guardianship/youth social worker until she took on an adoption social worker role about a year ago. The uniqueness of the Northwest has allowed her to grow in her work with the Aboriginal population, and build wonderful relationships with many great people. 

Panelists: Harriet Fancott, Adoptive mom, Blogger and Sarah Reid AFABC Adoption Support Coordinator, Adoptive mom.

Webinar Format: 1 hour pre-recorded webinar

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September 1st, 2015 10:00 PM
Phone: 604-320-7330 ext. 107