Mountain biking Enduro's


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This year I''ve done three Mountain Biking Enduro races. Each race involves about 2000 meters of elevation, 30 km of riding, and 5 timed stages. Essentially you do laps on your bike and ride up and down for about 4 hours. You only get timed for the downs, and the total of all 5 stages is what gives you your final placing. The first race was at Vedder in Chilliwack. The second was in Squamish, and the third was in Panaroma (near Banff). Two of these races are part of the Canadian National Enduro series, and they are all qualifiers for the Enduro World Series. Basically you earn points from the races this year which can put you onto the wait list to be selected for competing at the Enduro World Series Events next year. I got first, second, then third at the Canadian National Championships.