Noah's Special Delivery


I'm back for my second campaign, donating half my July earnings towards helping other kids. My sister and I are both adoptees and we work together to deliver the newspaper... we're hoping our customers will also embrace this campaign and give generously to support adoption!
Goal $ 500.00
100% towards our goal
$ 500.00 raised
$ 15.00
Congratulations Noah and Michaela! So proud of you!
$ 75.00
Way to go Noah and Michaela!
The Chocolate Labs
$ 50.00
You are a true champion of this worthy organization and we are pleased to support your fundraising. Way to go Noah!
$ 50.00
Congrats Noah and Michaela - love you lots and I'm proud of you!!
J. Beaulieu
$ 30.00
Great job Noah!! :)
$ 25.00
Congratulations on your initiative Noah and Michaela. I hope you feel proud of your hard work in July.
Evelyn Morrison
$ 30.00
Go Noah!
Kennedy Family
$ 25.00
Congratulations Noah and Michaela! You are almost there!!!!!
Chad Bruhaug
$ 10.00
Anne T.
$ 30.00
Go Noah!
Thanks for visiting Noah's Special Delivery fundraising page! Michaela and I are working hard to raise money to help support adoption for kids like us! We think having a family to grow up with is pretty important, so we decided to share our July earnings with the Adoptive Families Association of BC. Thanks for your support with our campaign!