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Source: Focus on Adoption magazine
Ola Zuri, a transracial adoptee, has written a children’s book Why Can’t You Look Like Me? Siobhan Rowe interviewed Ola about her experience growing up and what she’d like parents who adopt a child of a different ethnicity to know.Why did you write the book?The inspiration (this is one of a series of books) stems from my own experience and from talking to adoptees, adoptive parents, and birth parents. Throughout my life I’ve had to answer so
Source: Focus on Adoption magazine
A BC film explores the bravery, determination, and humour it takes to rise above the legal systems, societal prejudices, and personal fears inherent in starting a family through adoption.Nelson, BC-based filmmaker Amy Bohigian’s documentary film, Conceiving Family, follows her and partner Jane Byers’ journey to becoming a family, and combines personal interviews, intimate footage and family photos of four other same-sex couples to tell the
Source: Focus on Adoption magazine
It's the annual Vietnam Connection Christmas party, and we've invited new families with small children adopted from Vietnam to join us. Bemused, fellow adoptive parent David Kuefler Ter Weeme and I watch the chaos. Our group is, after all, a wildly improbable group of people. But for adoption, we'd certainly never have met. After seven years, the only common trait we’re sure of, besides children of Vietnamese heritage, is stubborn individuality
Source: National Adoption Information Clearing House
AFABC often receives requests for referrals to adoption therapists and for advice on how to choose the right one. This article, sourced  from an article by the National Adoption Information Clearing House, provides some answers.Adoption brings unique rewards as well as challenges to families, and sometimes families will need or want professional help as concerns or problems arise. Timely intervention by a professional skilled in
Source: Focus on Adoption magazine
by Joanne ThalkenThe Oregonian newspaper recently ran a story entitled “Sending Black Babies North.” Gabrielle Glaser, a journalist who visited BC recently, and who has shown great interest in Canadian adoptions of African-American children, is the author.Ms. Glaser interviewed several Canadian families, with African-American adopted children, and writes about the issues surrounding a wealthy nation “exporting” its children. While she is
Source: Focus on Adoption magazine
Counselling Therapist Geoff Ayi-Bonte, MA RCC, answers your questions on adoption, family dynamics, and transracial families.My partner and I adopted a six-year-old girl from foster care two years ago. We both love her very much. However, we have decided to split up. Even during the adoption process we knew that things weren’t going well, but we were so wrapped up with the adoption that we ignored our problems and didn’t admit them to our social
Source: Focus on Adoption magazine
Susan Waugh adopted two baby girls, now aged nine and 11,  from China. Focus magazine recently asked her what tips she’d pass onto prospective intercountry parents. Healthy hintsBefore you bring your child home, give your family physician a list of tests that your child will need on your return. Even if your child seems healthy, have all the tests done. Ask your public health nurse (at your local health unit listed in the phone book) to
Source: Focus on Adoption magazine
My partner and I adopted a child two years ago. We are Caucasian and our daughter is African-American. I want to adopt again so she has a sibling. My partner refuses. What should I do?This is a conversation that should have taken place before you adopted a child. However, there are a couple of things you could do. First, try to clearly understand why your partner doesn’t want to add to your family. Once you discover the reason, there may be room