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Pathways To Permanency

 Predictable Adjustments

Pathways to permanency:
Legal permanency options in BC

Predicable Adjustments:

Stages of adjustment


Teens and Tweens

Post Adoption Assistance

Beyond the attitude: 
Adopting Teens and Tweens


 Adoption and Classroom Success:
Beyond the Basics


cultural_planningDNA Testing

Cultural Planning in BC
Adopting Indigenous children

DNA Testing
Promises and pitfalls of DNA testing

FASD Sensory DetectiveHealth Issues

Becoming the Sensory Detective at Home

Health Issues in International Adoption
Specific health issues facing children

Identity MattersInfertility  

Identity Matters
Help your child develop a positive racial and cultural identity


Infertility to Adoption
Explore family building options locally and abroad


 LGBTQ Occupational Therapy

LGBTQ Adoption:
History & Challenges of Same Sex Adoption 


Occupational Therapy for Adoptive Families
Learn how an Occupational Therapist can help you!

School Issues

Openness in Adoption Series
Understanding openness in adoption


School Issues and Adoption 
How to be an ally in the classroom


Social Media

Support and Strategies

Social Media & Adoption
What does it mean for you and your adopted children 




Support and Strategies for Substance-Exposed Children
Supporting children impacted by prenatal exposure 





Transitioning Children and Youth into Adoption
Support the adoptee to settle positively into their new family. 


Adoption and Classroom Success:
Beyond the Basics

Parenting and FASD


Parenting a child with FASD 
It's a diagnosis, not a label 


Coming soon!