How your dollars help



AFABC Love Note

Each year, our donors help us to do amazing things for waiting children, youth in and from care, and adoptive families.  

Because of you, we're able to raise awareness of the over 1,000 kids and youth currently waiting for a forever family. Our donors give us ability to provide specialized tools and support to adoptive families that's tailored to the specific needs and abilities of the children in their care. Our youth programs offer a place for youth adoptees and youth in or from foster care to be heard and supported, while allowing them to develop program-related skills.

Most of all, you help us help kids.

Here's a snapshot of what you helped us accomplish in 2016 - 2017:

In their own words

“After our honeymoon period was over with our adopted daughter from Haiti we started seeing some behaviors that I felt ill equipped to handle. Our adoption consultant recommended I take AFABC's Middle Years workshop to help address some of the issues we were having. So, I signed up and what a great decision that was.  I have learned how to look at our daughter in a different way. Not from my own insecurities but from her emotional age and her past experiences. This workshop gave me tools to help deal with our daughter's grief, trauma, and attachment issues and was an immense amount of help in our adoption process" - Alexis, adoptive parent

“Because of the support of my mom, and our choice to go forward with [my] adoption, my life has changed in ways I never would have imagined." - April, adopted as a teen

Individual giving

There are lots of ways to give, from one-time donations to hosting your own fundraiser!

Corporate giving

It takes a community to help kids.