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Our “Permanency beyond Foster Care” Youth Program helps young people aged 13-24 who are living in or who have aged out of care.

 BC’s government care find an adoptive family or a permanent lifelong connection they 

can count on. For most young people, family is there to lend a hand with things like rent, groceries, and support as they make the first few steps into adulthood. 

Unless they’ve been in foster care.

1,000 youth “age out" of government care each year, which means when a youth turns 19, all supports or services from the government foster care system, such as housing, social workers, outreach workers, and medical & dental support, effectively end. 

They will be on their own without a family to count on when they need advice, or to reach out to if they need help. 

We are committed to working with youth to find permanency in their lives to prevent a life of struggle and tragedy.    

Our Speak Out-Youth Group, Youth Family & Life Connecting model, education, support and awareness strategies that make up our “Permanency beyond Foster Care” Youth Program are critical to reducing the amount of youth leaving foster care without an adoption or permanency plan.  AFABC families, volunteers and staff have seen first-hand how having a family to belong to can make a positive difference in so many lives and our communities. 

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