Meet the kids

BC's Waiting KidsThere are more than 900 BC children in foster care who are registered for and waiting to be adopted. They are children and youth who live with foster families, who will not be returning to their family of birth, and who are available for adoption. 

Though there are a small number of infants and toddlers, most of the children are between the ages of six and eighteen, and many need to be placed with their siblings. The Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) places approximately 300 children and youth with adoptive families each year. 

Through our Child Specific Recruitment program, we help to find families for some of these waiting children. Click the links below to meet some of the kids we work with, or visit MCFD's website to see their waiting child search.

Meet Xalon

Meet Xalon, a caring, sensitive, and affectionate 5 year old who enjoys music, dancing, painting, going to the playground, and swimming.

Meet Jenna

Fashionable, smart, helpful, imaginative, and kind” – this is how lovely young girl Jenna describes herself.