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The Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) facilitates the adoption of BC children and youth living in foster care to local families.Adopt BC Kids

When a child or youth enters foster care, the goal is to reunite them with their birth family. In most cases, reunification is successful. When the courts determine that reunification is not possible or in the child's best interest, they are registered to be adopted. 

Waiting children usually have special placement needs due to their background or prenatal history. Factors may include a history of abuse, neglect; prenatal exposure to drugs or alcohol; learning or physical disabilities; and disorders such as ADHD or autism. More than 50% of children and youth in BC foster care are part of a sibling group that must be adopted together. Half are also Indigenous, which requires special cultural planning.

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MCFD places children and youth with adoptive families. Matches are made based on the best fit for the child, so some families will be matched quickly, and others may wait for a placement after approval.

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The Calhouns

Carly and John adopted their first child, Cash, as a newborn through a licensed adoption agency. When the family kept growing, Cash became the youngest of six kids. A total of five more siblings joined the family through adoption from foster care.

MCFD Town Halls

Adopt BC Kids town hall with MCFD: Recorded live, November 2020. A virtual town hall event answering questions pre-submitted about the Adopt BC Kids program.

Families that Fit with AFABC and MCFD: Recorded live, November 2021. Learn about what kinds of families are the best fit for the children and youth waiting to be adopted in the Adopt BC Kids program.

What to expect when you're adopting

At first glance, adoption can seem overwhelming. We've broken down the steps for each type of adoption.

Children, from babies to teens, need families.