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If you were adopted in British Columbia, or placed a child for adoption here, the below resources will help you in your adoption reunion search.

BC Adoption Reunion Registry

Since 1991, the BC Adoption Reunion Registry (ARR) has provided search, intermediary, and support services to thousands of individuals connected to a BC adoption.

Adoption Reunion Registry


Accessing BC birth records

If you are an adult age 19 or older who was born or adopted in British Columbia you can apply for access to your birth records through the Vital Statistics Agency (VSA).

Vital Statistics Agency


You may run into the following terminology while going through the reunion process:

  • Disclosure veto. For adoptions completed prior to November 1996, birth parents and adoptees were legally promised anonymity. To reflect the laws at the time of placement, birth parents and adoptees of that era may file a disclosure veto to prevent the release of information.
  • No-contact declaration. Adult adoptees and birth parents who placed a child at any time (before or after the 1996 legislative changes) may file a no-contact declaration. This declaration permits the conditional disclosure of information. The applicant must first sign a release which legally prohibits personal contact between the parties. Birth parents may file a no-contact declaration at any time, regardless of the age of the child they placed for adoption. Adopted persons may file no-contact declarations any time after their 18th birthday.
  • Written statement. An adoptee or birth parent who files a disclosure veto or no-contact declaration has the option of filing a written statement with the VSA. This written statement may include social, medical, and health information, and possibly, information on why contact or disclosure of identifying information is not desired at this time.
  • Rescinding a veto or no-contact declaration. Adoptees and birth parents who have filed a disclosure veto or no-contact declaration may cancel these at any time If a person who files a disclosure veto never cancels it, it remains in effect until two years after their death.

Have a question about adoption reunions?

Our adoption support coordinators are happy to answer any questions you may have, and provide support along the way.

Reunion supports

Seek out the support of peers and possibly professionals during your adoption reunion.