Online support

Online adoption support groupsOur online support groups give parents a place to connect through Facebook. Some groups tackle issues in adoptive parenting, while others have a geographical focus or connect specific types of families. All groups offer the opportunity to share experiences, socialize, and build friendships.

All of our groups are closed and facilitated by one or more adoption support coordinators. This ensures that the group stays focused and that confidentiality is respected by all.

To join any of our groups, please click on the group name in the list below to complete our confidentiality waiver, then click the "join group" button on the Facebook group page. Click on the group facilitator name if you want to contact them.  New members will be contacted by the facilitator prior to admission to the group. On Facebook, please check your "message requests" and "filtered messages" private message folders if you've asked to join a group and are waiting for approval!

Adoptive Dads - Men Supporting Men
This is a confidential social networking support group for men: prospective adoptive dads who have completed the Adoption Education Program (AEP) and dads who are already parenting by adoption.

Adoptive Parents of Aboriginal Children in BC
Connect with other adoptive parents of Aboriginal children across British Columbia.
Facilitated by Sherrie Jones.

Adoptive Parents of Teens
If you are an adoptive parent of a teen or young adult (who joined your family at any age) we'd love to have you join us. Share in the joys and support one another through the challenges of adolescence. Empty nesters are also welcome to join and share their wisdom!
Facilitated by Dianna Mortensen.

FASD Parent Support
Join other adoptive parents as you navigate the journey of parenting children with FASD or prenatal exposure.
Facilitated by Correen Coons.

GLBTQ Adoption Support Network
GLBTQ adoptive parents, adoptees, and parents-to-be are welcome to discuss everything adoption-related.
Facilitated by Sarah Reid.

New Adoptive Parents Support
This is a confidential social networking support group for adoptive parents who are in the first two years of placement.
Facilitated by Crystal Mandryk.

Single Adoptive Parent Support
Come connect with other current and prospective single adoptive parents across BC.
Facilitated by Dianna Mortensen.

Transracial and Intercountry Adoptive Parents
Join other parents who have adopted transracially and/or internationally. 
Faciltated by Sarah Reid.

Waiting Parents Support
Join other adoptive parents-in-waiting from across BC. Pre-requisite: completion of pre-adoption training through MCFD's Adoption Education Program (online or in person) or licensed agency equivalent.
Facilitated by Jen Hillman.

Adoption Support for the Supporters
Adoptive parents who also serve the adoption community professionally are invited to come together online for support. Come share your own family's journey, ask questions, and receive support from others who also live and work for adoption!
Facilitated by Sarah Reid

Further reading: 

Connect with an adoption support coordinator.

They provide information and support to adoptive families across BC.

Join a face-to-face support group.

Connect with others and share experiences as adoptive parents.