Our adoption publications serve as an additional resource for current and prospective adoptive parents and adoption professionals. These are free resources for you to download, and some publications are available to order.

Adoption for Family and Friends
If you’re an adoptive family, this resource serves as an introduction to adoption for your family and friends. It covers many of the standard questions that most people have about adoption.

Adoption 101 for Teachers
Families come in many shapes and types. This guide is for teachers interested in learning about the issues that adoptees can face at schools. It includes easy ways to help and a list of adoption related books for kids.

Child Sexual Abuse: A guide for adoptive parents
Sexual abuse of children is a difficult subject to learn about. This guide provides adoptive parents important information should they be parenting a child who has experience sexual abuse, including abuse signals, recovery factors, and how to deal with disclosure.
This publication is also available in print. Please contact us at to request a copy. 

Open adoption for birth parents
Birth parents are important to the kids for which they've made an adoption plan. This guide takes a brief look at openness and it's many forms, why openness is important for adopted kids, and offers resources for parents who are navigating an open adoption.

School 101 for Adoptive Parents
Starting school for the first time, or a new school year, can present challenges for adoptive parents and their children. This guide covers issues that adoptees might face at school, and how parents can help.

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