Our board



Our organization is led by a dedicated volunteer Board of Directors, many of whom have a direct connection to adoption and other forms of permanency, foster care, and child welfare. Their passion and skills help propel the organization forward.

Merel Veldhuis, Chair
Marla Chandler-Soanes, Vice Chair
Rebecca Dhillon, Treasurer
Adrienne Murphy, Secretary
Chris Roy, Director-at-large
Jennifer Randall Nelson, Director-at-large
Keum Roling, Director-at-large
Kim Carter, Director-at-large

If you would like to contact any of the Board, please email boardchair@bcadoption.com.

Call for new board members

AFABC is actively looking for new board members and strategic advisors. Interested parties should contact Merel Veldhuis, current Board Chair, with a letter of interest and a resume or a LinkedIn profile.

Board members
Board terms are two years of commitment. Board members attend four to five board meetings per year, sit on a committee of choice, and may help as advisors on AFABC projects related to their specific skill set.

Strategic advisors
Much like an honourary advisory board member, strategic advisors help support upper management and board members with guidance and insight in their specific area of expertise. A strategic advisor might be involved in a specific project, or as a general advisor for an area of new growth in the organization. 

We are specifically looking for candidates with some of the following expertise and experience:

Digital marketing
Government relations
Entrepreneurial/business acumen
Real estate/development connections
Human resources

We welcome and encourage all kinds of diversity (cultural, geographical, connection to the adoption/permanency/fostering community), especially candidates with an Indigenous connection and/or cultural competency. We are open and committed to the cultural and operational changes that will be required from all of us to truly create a diverse board.

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