Pathways Training



Child-focused family recruitment is an emerging and innovative approach to permanency planning. It designs an individualized and inclusive framework around each waiting child in order to strengthen their connection to birth culture(s) and community.

The Pathways program is a three-part program that focuses on helping social workers and youth workers increase their skills in talking to children about permanence and preparing them to transition to a permanent placement whether through adoption, a transfer of guardianship or a permanent placement with kin. Emphasis continues to be on honouring relational, cultural, and physical permanence with the ultimate goal of legal permanence. 

  • Part 1 - Building Foundations looks at preparing the child/ youth and preparing life stories.
  • Part 2 - Creating Connections focuses on family finding and exploring the child’s network.
  • Part 3 - Reaching Out, Moving Forward explores the process of transitioning children and youth as well as creative strategies to find permanence for youth. 



Building Foundations

Building Foundations will look at preparing the child/youth for a transition to permanence.

The Building Foundations workshop is designed to help social workers and others directly involved with children and youth increase their comfort level in having challenging conversations with children regarding permanence; some tips in assessing a child’s readiness for adoption or other forms of permanence; unpacking the “no” especially with youth; and exploring alternative ways to find permanence for older youth.

Building Foundations includes presentations and small group exercises as well as hands on practice of some of the strategies.


We are delivering the Building Foundations workshop in various centers across BC for those working in or with designated Aboriginal agencies and the Ministry of Children and Family Development. Please contact us to find out more about attending or bringing a Pathways workshop to you!

March 13-14 | Terrace (Anne Melcombe

March 19-20 | Kamloops (Anne Melcombe

March 26-27 | Vancouver (Anne Melcombe

For more information and to book a Pathways workshop, contact Anne at 604-320-7330 ext 117 or at