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Howard Legacy Youth Fund: improving education options for youth in and from care

According to a recent news report, studies suggest that young people in foster care are 50 per cent more likely to go on to post-secondary education if some funding is provided. They are healthier, happier, and less likely to become criminally involved or to access government services, like welfare.  

Through the Howard Legacy Youth Bursary, two $2,000 awards are made available to youth in or from care who plan to study at a post-secondary level in any academic, technical, or vocational institution in BC.

The bursary program evolved as a result of an individual donor, Peggy Howard, who was inspired into action after viewing Global TV’s and reporter Catherine Pope’s 4-part series on teen adoption, which aired in February of 2012. As a champion for youth, an active volunteer and philanthropist in the Victoria area, and an adoptee herself, Ms. Howard has a personal interest in supporting youth in and from BC’s foster care system to reach their academic and career goals. She raised $15,000 with the help of her friends and family in 2012 to start the fund and continues to champion and fundraise for it to this day. Please join her by making a donation to the fund today

"I just couldn't imagine the thought of these vulnerable teens not having family support," says Howard, an adoptee herself. "I am too old to adopt, but I felt that there must be something I could do to address, even in some small way, the barriers they face. I hope that this bursary will provide not just financial support but also some motivation for these youth, something that says, 'Yes, you can go to college or university!' I hope it gives them inspiration and a strong belief in their own potential."

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