Online Workshops



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Teens and Tweens Online Workshop

This three-part online workshop will enable prospective and adoptive parents to understand the highs and lows of teen development and provide tips and tools to support their parenting journey. 

Format: Three x 1.5 hour online workshops.

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Teen at a fenceTrauma Informed Parenting: The First Year of Placement Online Workshop 

The first year of adoption placement can be tough - especially for parents managing kids with trauma. This online workshop is designed to provide tips and tools for trauma informed parenting in the in the first year of placement. This innovative online workshop will help parents understand the relationship between trauma and adoption. Parents will learn about the different types of trauma, how they manifest in the developing child, and learn strategies for parenting from a trauma-informed place.

Format: Three x 1.5 hour online workshops. Optional extra: 1 hour group follow up discussion with facilitator.

Fee: $95 per person.

Happy Babies


Safe Babies Online Workshop

If you are planning to adopt a baby or toddler, locally or internationally, this course is for you - especially if there is any risk of prenatal exposure. Learn about infant development, substance exposure, sleep issues, household and infant safety, support services, self care and more in this online webinar workshop. Important: Infant/child first aid training is not included in this online workshop.  

Note: We recommend that you have taken the AEP or foster parent training before this course. This workshop is for adults only. Course is designed for prospective adoptive parents, however, referred foster parents are welcome to attend. 

Format: Three x 1.5 hour online workshops.

Cost for Online Workshop: $150 per person