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Safe Babies - Winter 2023

This popular workshop is essential for anyone planning to adopt or foster an infant or toddler — especially if there is a risk of prenatal exposure. 

Safe Babies, Interactive online workshop

Learn about infant development, substance exposure, sleep issues, household and infant safety, support services, self-care, and more in this three-part online workshop.

Format: Three x 1.5-hour online workshop sessions. The workshop is taught by a Safe Babies trained facilitator and includes guest speakers, as well as scheduled time for questions and discussion.

Fee: $150 per person.

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Parenting Teens & Tweens - Winter 2023

The Parenting Teens & Tweens online workshop offers an introduction to the parental joys, challenges, and typical behaviors connected with parenting a teen or tween in or from care.

Teens & tweens online workshop

The three-part online workshop will enable parents to understand teen development and provide tips and tools to support their parenting journey. Topics include: positive identity formation, the impact of transitions, mental heath, disruptions and breakdowns, and more.

Format: This course is composed of three 1.5-hour online workshops, facilitated by an AFABC Family Support Specialist.

Fee: $50 per person.

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Trauma-Informed Parenting - Spring 2023

Parenting kids with trauma can be tough at any stage of their development. This online workshop is designed to provide tips and tools for trauma-informed parenting and to help parents and caregivers understand the relationship between trauma, their child, and adoption/permanency.

Trauma-Informed Parenting online workshop

Parents will learn about the different types of trauma, how they manifest in the developing child, and strategies for parenting with a trauma-informed approach.

Format: This course is composed of three 2-hour online workshop sessions. Trauma-Informed Parenting is taught by an instructor with over 16 years in the permanency field. She holds her Master in Social Work and is a PhD candidate in Child and Youth Care.

Fee: $95 per person.

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