Share Your Circle photo contest

AFABC's 2017 photo contest has closed, but will re-open for entries in 2018!

We’re on the hunt for vibrant, candid images that capture the joy, humour, and chaos of everyday life. Share what adoption, family, or permanent connections look like in your circle, and you’ll have a chance to win fantastic prizes!


  • First place: GoPro Hero 4 Session action camera
  • Second place: Fujifilm Instax Mini 8” instant film camera
  • Third place: Sony Cyber-Shot TX100V portable compact camera
  • This year only! "Celebrating 40 years of family" category: Send us your best vintage or retro photo! Prize: $75 London Drugs Photolab gift card.

Winning images and selected entries will appear in the fall issue of Focus on Adoption magazine.

Thank you to our sponsors Broadway Camera for generously donating the prizes for this contest!

How to enter

The deadline for 2017's contest entries was on May 15, 2017. Keep an eye out for the next contest in 2018!

Email up to 10 photos to, along with a completed photo release form.

By entering the contest, you give permission to AFABC to use your photos in any of our materials, including print and social media.

Please ensure all photos:

  • include an adoption connection or a current or former youth in care. 
  • are high resolution (200 dpi minimum). 
  • are in JPEG or PNG format.

Note: AFABC employees and their family members are not eligible to enter. 

How to take a perfect picture

Picture-taking tips from professional photographer Lisa Hartley:

  1. Hold your camera/phone/ipad still. Let that little square or dot, settle on a subject, wait a bit, breathe out, hold your body still and shoot. Test it out–it will keep your image focused.
  2. The Rule of Thirds: You are using it whether you know it or not. Some cameras have this built in. Simply put, imagine dividing your image into three areas both horizontally and vertically. Where the lines cross is the most powerful area. If you are shooting landscape shoot horizontally, the bottom third is for the land (ocean), top two-thirds for the sky. It works.
  3. The Rule of Thirds again. Try shooting vertically for portraits. Bottom third for shoulders. Centered or off centre for middle third.
  4. Shoot from above for adult portraits. Your subject will thank you, especially if they are over 30. Put in some angles.
  5. Get down if you are photographing young children. Work at their level. Get in close–see the world from their perspective.
  6. Yes, get in close, then closer still, and while you’re at it, remember to eliminate the messy background. Focus on what’s important, let go of the rest. 
  7. Visit Lisa’s website at or email her at