Our courses for professionals will strengthen your understanding of key permanency and adoption issues and help prepare you to best meet the needs of today's adoptive families and kids and youth in and from government care.

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Adoption and Classroom Success: Beyond the Basics [on-demandwebinar]
Join us for a discussion with Heather T. Forbes, LCSW, on how to help your child succeed at school. Circumstances prior to adoption often cause adopted children to experience school, among other things, in a different framework than other kids. Orphanage care, foster care or prenatal exposure are all events that can affect behavior as a child grows. Heather presents tips and strategies on how to help your child be more successful at school, therefore easing some of the stress at home.
Format: One 1-hour webinar
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Attachment and Adoption [webinar]
If you are interested in creating and maintaining healthy parent/child attachments in your adoptive family, this webinar series is for you. Learn about secure and insecure attachments, trauma, grief and loss, transitions and more. Take away some new ideas, practical skills and strategies to build success in your family.
Three 1-hour webinars
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The Middle Years - Child Parent Relationship Therapy for Adoptive Families [workshop]
Parents are taught basic child-centered play therapy principles and skills in a supportive group setting. During weekly play sessions, parents gain reflective listening skills, learn how to identify and respond empathetically to their child's feelings, to set limits and give choices. The goal is for children to feel more secure and to increase their problem solving skills, self-confidence, and competency.
Format: One and a half day workshop.
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Pathways: Building Foundations [workshop]
Building Foundations is designed to help social workers and others directly involved with children and youth increase their comfort level in having challenging conversations with children regarding permanence; some tips in assessing a child’s readiness for adoption or other forms of permanence; unpacking the “no” especially with youth; and exploring alternative ways to find permanence for older youth.
Format: One and a half day workshop.
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Pathways: Creating Connections [workshop]
Creating Connections will explore file mining, genogram and ecogram development, and family and community outreach. Training emphasis is on honouring relational, cultural and physical permanence with the ultimate goal of legal permanence.
Format: One and a half day workshop.
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Support and Strategies for Substance-exposed Children [webinar]
Jan Radford is an RN with extensive experience in this area, an adoptive mom to four children and a foster parent for the past 10 years. In part one, participants will gain valuable knowledge about the impact of various substances on the developing fetus. Part two provides real world ideas for supporting children impacted by prenatal exposure.
Format: Two 1-hour webinars
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