For prospective adoptive parents



Is adoption for you?

Adoptive parenting is an intentional journey. When you choose to adopt, there are unique joys and challenges for all family members. We hope that many more individuals and couples will decide to become adoptive parents.

However, we also know it's important to be able to recognize if adoption is not for you. It's okay to say "not yet" or "not for me". We'll help you learn about adoption, connect with others, and decide if adoption is right for you and your family. If it's not, you can still contribute through a support or advocacy role. Either way, you are a welcome part of the adoption community.

Find out if adoption is right for you with our free online presentation "Adoption Basics". Click here to get started. 

Adoptive parenting is different

Adoption brings unique tasks for parents and children. You'll learn the importance of attachment, all about openness, and what it takes to be a visible family or the parent of a child with special needs. At the end of the day, adoptive families are families first. Knowing what to expect helps prepare you for the adoption process, and most importantly, the parenting that follows.

Meet the Thai-Abels

The Thai-Abel family includes parents Vince and Eric, and son Jamestin, age 6. After a long wait and incredible timing, Jamestin was finally welcomed home through Adopt BC Kids.

Adoption programs

There are several different pathways to consider when adopting.

Did you know..

There are only two eligibility requirements to adopt in BC?