An adoptee's bill of rights


Sherrie Eldridge
Focus on Adoption magazine

I have a right to feel confused.
Who wouldn’t? After all, I have two sets of parents, one of which was shrouded in mystery.

I have a right to fear abandonment and rejection.
After all I was abandoned by the one I was most intimate with.

I have the right to acknowledge pain.
After all, I lost my closest relative at the youngest age possible.

I have the right to grieve.
After all, everyone else in society acknowledges strong emotions.

I have a right to express my emotions.
After all, they have been shut down since adoption day.

I have a right to ask for any information about my medical records.
After all, it is my body and my history and it affects my children and their children.

Excerpted from Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew.