The adoption


Daddy (Michael Epp)
Focus on Adoption magazine

A childless couple
An orphaned, young lad
A hope for a family
Was all that they had

Mountains of paperwork
And countless tears
This road never easy
And financially dear

Waiting by the phone
Praying for the call
They relied on each other
So neither would fall

That phone call did come
They were Africa bound
That message, still fresh
The most beautiful sound

James was his name
A boy, almost done
He’d meet us in Ghana
And become our new son

Fragile and hollow
Healing would take some time
But with love and affection
We just knew he’d be fine

The plane ride home
Though long and exhausting
Proved just how much
This union was a blessing

As each day passed
James grew so much stronger
With a home full of love
His heart hurt no longer

Now he is seven
A boy who is kind
Has proven that adoption
Has a love that is blind

As he grows older
And things become clear
I hope that he knows
We will ALWAYS be near.