Adoption education: how it can help you


Rebekah Craig
Focus on Adoption magazine

AFABC’s education program has changed and grown a lot! In this article, our education team lead explains what we do now and how we do it.

What is adoption education?

Adoption education helps prospective adoptive parents to make realistic, well-informed decisions about their capacity and readiness to parent a child by adoption and educates adoptive parents as they move through the stages of the lifelong adoption journey. The program also serves as a resource for friends and family, adoption professionals, and community partners like teachers, doctors, and childcare workers.

How do we do it

The education department at AFABC works collaboratively with experts, professionals, and partner organizations to create and deliver its programs. AFABC’s education programs are offered in three main formats: online courses, webinars, and in-person workshops.

Online courses

Our online courses are in-depth education programs led by skilled facilitators who support each participant and provide personalized feedback.

Course lengths range from 4 to 15 weeks and can be accessed from anywhere. This means they’re accessible to people in remote locations, individuals who travel a lot, and to families with children who can’t leave home to attend multiple in-person classes. Our online Adoption Education Programs (AEPs) fulfill BC’s legal requirement for adoptive parents to complete an approved pre-adoption education program. Courses have fixed completion dates but are otherwise self-paced. Learn more at

“Our facilitator was wonderful. She really helped make our cohort a safe, encouraging, and engaging group!” —AEP participant


Our more than two dozen convenient, accessible webinars (online seminars) cover everything from parenting teens and tweens to transracial parenting to the impacts of prenatal substance exposure. Webinars are accessible any time, from anywhere in the world. Learn in your PJs from the comfort of your own home, at a coffee shop on a mobile device­—whatever works for you! Check out our lineup at

In-person workshops

There’s something special about real-life, face-to-face learning. In-person workshops continue to be an important part of our education program. They let participants interact on a personal level with our highly trained facilitators, and provide an opportunity to meet other prospective and adoptive parents—the first step in building your own adoption community.

“I really like the face to face option in terms of networking. I liked hearing other participant’s questions and stories.” –In-person workshop participant

Rebekah Craig is the education team lead at AFABC. She and her husband have three biological children and adopted a pre-teen through MCFD two years ago.