Am I ready to adopt a sibling group?


Adoptive Families Association of BC
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Are you thinking of adopting a sibling group? Before you decide, ask the following:

  • Am I ready to love children to whom I have not given birth?
  • Am I committed to adoption?
  • Am I comfortable accepting the fact that the birth family exists and will be important to the children, whether I know them or not?
  • Am I prepared to meet the birth family and have some form of communication with them for my children's sake?
  • Will I support my children if they want to search for their birth family?
  • Am I prepared to have an open relationship with siblings living elsewhere?
  • DO I have both the physical and emotional space to become a substantially larger family?
  • Am I prepared to consider adopting any siblings my children may have after I adopt?
  • Am I ready to become a transracial family that assertively pursues activities linking my children to their ethnic group of origin?
  • Am I prepared to be a "visible family," and to advocate for my children?
  • Am I prepared to give each child individual attention as they adjust to their new family?
  • Am I comfortable with the idea of parenting children that may turn out to have special needs?
  • Do I understand that adoptive parenting brings different challenges to parenting biological children?
  • Do I understand that adoption is permanent?
  • My partner and I have a strong, committed relationship.
  • I have a strong network of supportive family and friends.

If you have answered "No" to any of these questions, it doesn't mean you shouldn't adopt a sibling group! It means that you need to think carefully about the topics you have answered "No" to.

Talk to one of our Adoption Support Coordinators, your agency, or a counsellor. They can help you navigate the ins and outs of adopting a sibling group.

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