Dear birthmom


Sarah Reid
Focus on Adoption magazine

I never got the chance to thank you for the little boy we share. For the trust your heart had that strangers could love your  son with the same intensity that you do. Thank you for giving him all that he needed to get started in this beautiful world. Noah came to us brimming with love, and I know it was from you. I know you would be very proud of him today.

I wish there was a way for you to meet him, to see his smile, the way his face lights up and his eyes sparkle. The little  dimple in his chin. The brilliance of his hazel eyes. They are the same colour as his big brother’s... we’re told he got them from you. I wonder if he has your laugh, your sense of humour, your personality.

I hope you know that the son we share is loved beyond measure. That he knows his story; that somewhere, his birth  mother is thinking about him, and loving him.

At night, when it’s bedtime, he often asks about you. He wants to hear the familiar story of how he grew under your heart.  Sometimes he whispers “I wish I could remember that, Momma.”

Thank you for carrying him. For being his mother and for letting me embrace that role, too. Thank you for the forty two  weeks you held our son until he was ready to make his reluctant way into our world.

We may never meet, but our son connects us. I think of you often. But I am writing to thank you for the incredible trust  you had and for the privilege of raising Noah. I hope you know we’re here. Thinking about you today and wishing you love and peace, wherever you might be. Happy Mother’s Day.