Everyone has a story: Meet the Domonkos family


Faces of Family contest winners

We are so happy to announce that the Domonkos family are the first-place winners of our 2020 Faces of Family contest! Congratulations to the Domonkos’! They have won a Ricoh Theta V 360° camera, generously donated by our sponsor Broadway Camera. Visit them today for all your camera and video needs!

Read more about the Domonkos family and how they grew their family through adoption.

The two Domonkos children

Can you describe your family?

We are the Domonkos family! A loud and loving family of four—Meghan, Brent, C, aged 9, and M, aged 2. We had always wanted to grow our family through adoption and couldn’t wait to start. Africa was always in our heart, and both of our boys were born in Lesotho. We love going on family adventures, especially camping, and travelling. 

Can you tell us a bit about your experience with the adoption process overall?

Our experience with the adoption process was wonderful overall! That’s not to say we didn’t have extremely difficult parts and wasn’t emotionally taxing at times. With all the ups and downs we had some disappointments along with a lot of excitement and joy. Working with Sunrise [Sunrise Family Services] was great: everyone there was so supportive. We spent over nine years in the adoption process and they never tired of hearing from us every month—or more—during that time.

What’s your best bit of advice for families considering adopting?

Our best bit of advice would be that when they tell you it will be a roller coaster ride, believe them! Also, patience will be a huge benefit—but try to stay positive and remember why you started.

Can you tell us about one high point in your adoption experience?

Along with the day we met both of our beautiful boys, living life with them, and watching them grow is the best! As far as the adoption process goes, one of the highest points would be the day we got the call to say we were matched with a child. 

And one challenging point?

The most challenging part for us was the long wait. With our oldest son, we had a more typical adoption waiting period of a couple of years—but it still wasn’t easy. We waited over six years for our youngest son’s adoption. Waiting is hard! But I wouldn’t change it now for anything.

How has AFABC made a difference to your family?

We love AFABC! We have taken courses and seminars put on by AFABC and we love receiving the magazine. We have found them to be a very valuable resource.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

We feel so grateful to be parents to such amazing kids.