Fiction vs facts about youth in care


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  • They are unwanted
  • They are sexually promiscuous
  • They are too old to be adopted
  • They do not know how to love and interact with others
  • All foster parents treat their foster children unfairly
  • Incapable of getting a job
  • All kids in care have many counsellors in their lives
  • They will all grow up to live on the streets
  • They are all thieves/criminals
  • They are all angry and dramatic


  • They are very smart people, even if their grades don't show it all the time
  • They are very capable of getting a job
  • They can budget
  • They are capable of love
  • They know how to love and interact with others
  • Not all teens in care do drugs, smoke, and drink!
  • They want to have a voice and a say in their plans of care
  • They are some of the best teens in the world and have many talents
  • They are resilient

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