Hero for Everlong


Melinda, Speak-Out Youth
Speak-Out Youth Newsletter

I believe that permanency is very important.
When I was at my all time low
I just wanted to fly away like a blackbird.
I was creeping death,
I needed a Courtesy Call.
I knew that someday I'll be on the Stairway to
Soon I will find a person, they will say,
"Oh starlight, don't you cry. We're going to find
A place where we belong"
They will be my Saviour, I'll know that
Nothing else matters, and I'll be living in
Paradise City.
So Open your eyes, and see that If
Everyone Cared, and they gave a
Whole lotta love to a kid, you'll be a good
Person, be their Hero Everlong. They'll
Know that coming home, is not going
to be a Lifetime of War and they can Dream
On. They'll know that Life is Beautiful, and
They'll Ramble on for the rest of their life.

... so please adopt.