My adoption story


Ebony, SYG Member
Speak-Out Youth Newsletter #3

In February of 2010 our social worker told my brother and I about a couple who wanted to adopt us. We began working with the Adoptive Families Association of BC (AFABC) for our transition. In June, we moved in with our new family. The first year with them was hard for me. I'd moved to a new town and had to start all over.

Now we have a good relationship, but learning to trust and love them was really tough. Of course, with two teenagers in the house, there will always be arguments; but my family is always there for us.

My experience as an adoptee has been very intersting, to say the least. I was adopted when I was 13 and had just started high school. It was a difficult time for me, and I didn't like the idea of more change. The first year was a real test of our family's relationship. We had to figure out our personal boundaries, build trust, and develop a bond. I had a rough time but my parents helped me a lot and were very caring. After the first year, things got a lot better. We still have our ups and downs, but we're a family.

I definitely felt emotionally supported by being adopted with my biological brother. I wouldn't have been able to go through this experience without him. My brother means the world to me, and he really kept me sane during the adoption.

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