"Perfect" parents for teens


Anne Melcombe
Focus on Adoption magazine

Parents who are willing to wait for personal gratification.
Attachment with teens can take longer and may look very different than attachment with younger children.

Someone with a great sense of humour, patience, tolerance, and adaptability.
Self explanatory if you know teens.

People who can see beyond the rebellious teen to the blossoming young adult that they are becoming.
Are you able to quietly nurture the child that is still crying out for love and attention?

A parent who is willing to move at the teen’s pace.
Many waiting teens have experienced a lot of pain and loss in relationships. They may need you to begin as their friend or mentor and move to a parent role later (sometimes much later).

People who like teens!

Great parents for teens might be experienced parents whose children are already grown, single men or women, or childless couples who want to parent but don't feel the need to have a baby or young child.

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