What's your family fit?


April and Courtney, Speak-Out Youth
Focus on Adoption magazine

Take this quiz, developed by Speak-Out Youth members April and Courtney, to see what kind of family is the right fit for you!

Question 1

You’ve just come from a long day at school. What would you like to come home to?

a) Lots of brothers and sisters jumping off the walls and inviting you to play.
b) Your mom and dad waiting for you, ready to go on a bike ride.
c) Your mom, cooking dinner, ready to hear all about your day.
d) An after-school snack of homemade cookies while you do your homework with your siblings and wait for your dad to come home.

Question 2

You open your bedroom closet. What do you want to see?

a) A pair of black skinny jeans that your older sibling finally outgrew. Score!
b) Sweatpants and a jersey, perfect for going on a jog.
c) Your favourite shirt that your dad saved for and got you for your birthday.
d) The latest style from American Eagle.

Question 3

It’s dinner time! What’s your favourite way to enjoy the best meal of the day?

a) A full table with everyone talking over and around each other.
b) A barbequed salmon that you caught earlier while on a fishing trip.
c) Frozen dinner in front of the television, with your mom bringing you dessert after she gets home from work.
d) Sitting at your spot at the table, with Mom at one end while Dad brings in the mashed potatoes.

Question 4

It’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday. Seriously though, it’s the weekend! What would your favourite family-filled weekend be?

a) Family karaoke night! There’s so many of you, you might as well get started on that family band.
b) Hiking with the family.
c) Shopping with Mom – she has the day off!
d) Family games night, with Mom, Dad, brothers and sisters. Don’t forget the dog!

Family fit

Mostly A’s : A big family
• You love constant action all the time! A big family is ideal for you, whether its five siblings or twelve, as long as you always have someone to talk to! There is never a dull moment with a big family!

Mostly B’s: A sporty/outdoors family
• You’re always up for being outside and an active, sporty family would suit you perfectly. Hiking, fishing, biking or just going for a run. Whatever it is, an active family will keep you content.

Mostly C’s: Single parent home
• You like one-on-one time, with a quieter atmosphere. Whether you have a few sibilings or are a single child, you enjoy more intimate time with your family.

Mostly D’s: Traditional family
• Two parents, a cat, a dog and a few siblings. You like a very traditional family - structured meal time and  planned family time.