To whom it may concern


Anonymous CCO
Speak-Out Youth Newsletter #2

To whom it may concern,

So I just turned 19, and no surprise I'm moving again. Seems like the foster care system can't do anything properly. My social worker doesn't give a duck about what I want. I overheard her say to my foster parents that they only need to stick it out for another year until I turn 19. Not really convinced that my foster parents will stick it out, that's yet to be seen. I have given up on high school causew I can't get my living situation sorted. My youth worker seems to be the only one who understands. But if I was making that kind of money to take young people out to have fun, I'm sure I would too. I just need a break from all of this, I mean everyone who's in my life is paid. Like where's my pay? Where's my paid vacation? My social worker thinks that just cause she's paid doesn't mean she doesn't care... well I beg to differ. Every Integrated Case Management meeting, they only talk about material things I need and stuff I should apply for. They ask me what I want and what my goals are.

It's funny that my new parents volunteer to go to these meetings and then front so hard at them. Like, "I will help him get his ID and license"... year right. My siblings are the only things that keep me from being down and out. I guess the other plus is that I no longer have to see my probation officer. I'm free from that whack old dude. He used to say that he knew how I felt. Pffff.... get the duck out of here. I'm just hoping to get a job now. I'm thinking of becoming a social worker, hahaha...kidding. No, I want a real job where I can help people, like a lifeguard or paramedic. Or both, lol. My girlfriend thinks it's a good idea cause they pay well. But for me, it's not about that. Truthfully it's about having the ability to give back positively and meaningfully. Man, my social worker would be proud to hear that. Hahahaha, whatever. Anyways, I hope things change. F*@$K you, foster care.

In kind,

Anonymous CCO

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