Word on the street: Violet-Rose


Speak-Out Youth Newsletter #5

An interview with adult ally and youth in care advocate Violet-Rose Pharoah.

What inspires you to make art and be a part of art projects that focus on the experiences of foster care?

As someone who is naturally quiet and introverted, I find that art provides the opportunity for me to explore and express my feelings. My involvement with art projects focused on foster care stems from my own personal lived experience, as well as the belief that art is a powerful transformational tool in creating change.

What made you want to become an adult ally to the younger generation of current youth in care and former youth in care?

When I reflect back on my time in foster care, I am often struck by the fact the experience was extremely isolating and lonely due to the fact that I didn't have any connections to others in care. A lot has changed since I aged out. I am moved to see how the youth in care community has come together and the work that is being done to bring about change. It is an honour and a privilege for me to be an adult ally. It allows me to engage and learn fromĀ  youth, who continually teach me to strive and believe in what can be possible.

What is a piece of advice you have for young people?

Never be afraid to ask those that you admire for their time and support. Trust me, as someone who is shy, I know how intimidating this can be! Yet there are so many amazing individuals who have the willingness and desire to support you.

What is a highlight of your awesome work and a dream of yours?

The biggest highlight has been witnessing art's ability to bring community together. For me personally, witnessing community join together through art has ignited a belief in the possibility of healing and change. A dream of mine is to see a shift in the perception and narrative of those impacted by foster care.

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