You promised! The importance of post-placement reports


Siobhan Rowe
Focus on Adoption magazine

You promised

For most, if not all international adoptions, post-placement reports are a requirement of the sending country. Adoptive families need to understand that these reports are more than a courtesy. While the agnecies and families who receive them are delighted to hear how the kids are doing, they also must forward the reports for their government. Some countries have been so concenred at the numver of post-placement reports not filed, that they actually suspend adoptions for a period of time. IMagine your adoption being delayed because someone didn't send in their report--it's happened to some families. So, if your post-palcement report is due or even late, sit down and do it. You promised.

 One parent's story

Almost 14 years ago, I adopted a beautiful baby boy from the USA. One of the many commitments I made at that time was to send annual post-placement reports to our adoption agency. Our adoption is closed—the birth mother insisted it be that way—a fact that I now regret more and more. Every year, I pull together a few photos of my growing boy, now a teen, almost a man. I arrange the photos on the page and fill in all the details of the last year—his soccer victories, his school progress, his passion for computer games and his blossoming skills on his electric guitar. I write about his sisters, his buddies and our new puppy. I can’t help but talk about how special he is, his quiet easy manner and how we all love him and can’t imagine life without him. To write a letter to birth parents, who may never read it, is a strange and bittersweet task. But I write it for her—his other mother. Each year, I tell her that I appreciate the courage and compassion it took to make her adoption plan so long ago, and I tell her what a gift her son has been to our family. I want her to rest easy knowing he is happy. Someday, I hope to join hands with his other mother and be there as she takes his hands in hers to make the circle complete. In the meantime, I keep my promise. -- Cindy Adams