Speak-Out Youth



Our Speak-Out Youth programs offer a place for youth adoptees and youth in or from foster care to be heard and supported, while allowing them to develop program-related skills.

Speak-Out Youth Group

Our Speak-Out Youth Group is a space for youth to meet at least once a month to share their experiences, concerns, and perspectives on adoption and permanence for teens - and to have fun. Launched in January 2009, the group is made up of youth-in-care, former youth-in-care, and adoptees.

A leading voice for permanence for youth in British Columbia, the group develops communications materials about teen adoption and permanence and plans speaking engagements across the province. Each member brings with them unique experiences and values, creating a collective of youth voices.

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Speak-Out Youth Zone

The Speak-Out Youth Zone is a website that features stories that encapsulate the experiences of youth in and from foster care. It’s a great way for youth to connect with other teens going through similar issues, have their questions answered, and to share their stories of what it’s really like to grow up without a family, or to finally find one.

Teens from our Speak-Out Youth Group were active consultants in the design and development of the site, truly making it a space "by teens, for teens."

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