Other types of adoption



Many adoptions in British Columbia involve the matching of children who are unknown to the families that they join. However, you may be interested in adopting someone whom you already know. This is common among relatives, step-parents, family friends, and foster parents.

Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) has created a new type of adoption-related family building, too, and there are considerations for both parents and children.

Most of these unique adoptions require facilitation by the government or a licensed agency. Read on for options or contact us about your family's specific plan.

Foster adoption

Adopting your foster child makes an already loving relationship permanent. Here are some things to consider.


Adopting a family member creates new roles for the child and both sets of parents.

Custom adoption

Custom adoption meets the unique cultural and linguistic needs of Aborignal children and families. 

Your roadmap to Adopt BC Kids

This handy infographic is a step-by-step visual guide to adopting from foster care in British Columbia. Download the PDF, print it out for your fridge or bulletin board, and track your progress! Flip it over to see all the ways AFABC can support you in your journey.

Children, from babies to teens, need families.